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What is SEO?

In 2018, the SEO industry was nearly $80 billion. Yes, you read that right: $80 billion. This fact alone practically guarantees two conclusions are safe: 1) businesses truly have a need for SEO, and 2) many companies will claim they can SEO simply because they simply want a piece of the $80 billion, not because it is their specialty. As such, you may have already had experiences with an “SEO expert” that left you disappointed.

We’re a different company in that SEO is our specialty. In fact, we apply an SEO-first strategy to all of our marketing efforts. A more comprehensive, global view allows us to seize unforeseen opportunities and leverage them to your advantage; synergy has become somewhat cliche but it truly applies to SEO as a business strategy.

If you are just getting familiar with SEO, let’s first be sure we are on the same page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase your business’ organic (unpaid) website ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is the strategic process that makes your site the first customers see when they “Google” for information on products or services. SEO affects all kinds of SERPs, from page searches to image searches to video searches. It operates on all levels of your website, from the surface content users see to the HTML meta elements they don’t (e.g., alternative image titles). Savvy businesses will ensure that their content and coding respond to both search engines and user behavior.

Here at ioCreative, we believe in savvy SEO. Search engine algorithms, like Google Hummingbird, constantly evolve. As these algorithms improve search engines’ recognition of relevant and authentic content, digital marketers adjust tactics accordingly.

The equation’s simple:

adapting to new rules = keeping high search rank = converting more users


However you might define conversions—walk-in traffic, increased calls, online store purchase—the goal of SEO is to increase them. We provide the tools and expertise you need to excel in this process. Cultivated well, organic SEO lets your web presence become something truly beautiful that Google will reward with increased visits and conversions.

SEO Tools: Your Seeds to Succeed

At its core SEO requires keywords and backlinks. Search engines track both to confirm whether your site relates to appropriate searches and other trustworthy sites. Keyword research takes your industry, audience, and competitors into consideration. Ideally, the keywords’ popularity balances well with their relevance to your web page content.

Link building involves more collaboration. Backlinks from other sites and internal links throughout your own site let search engines know your relevance. And since Google is the most used search engine with more than 92% of the market share, most SEO services focus on these two critical areas but may overlook many of the 200+ other ranking signals that comprise Google search.

ioCreative offers SEO services grounded in market research. Digital marketers’ tactics for keyword research and link building vary, and results vary with them. We take into account whether your business is local or national, large or small, and in one industry or another. These factors determine which keywords and backlinks you need and which of these SEO strategies you should prioritize. With the right expertise, your search ranking improves and fuels your overall bottom line.

User Experience: It’s a Jungle Out There

User experience and search engine algorithms are the yin and yang of SEO. Search visibility is only the first step to increasing transactions, because you’ll also need an engaging website. Luckily, search engine algorithms only get better at rewarding sites for authentic content. Google Hummingbird flits from word to word, determining whether they flow naturally. Google Panda catches plagiarism and punishes for “scraping” content others worked hard to generate, and Google Penguin penalizes backlinks from fraudulent sites. As our Content Marketing page details, good content matters because it keeps the Google “zoo” and your target audiences happy.

We complement our SEO services with user experience and branding services. Our Interactive Website Development and Graphic Design services consider audiences’ needs just as our SEO services do. Remember, keywords and backlinks come from users who have a specific need. With the right strategies and business approach, users will come to your website for its relevance to their searches and then stay for its compelling content.


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